7885539_sWe thought this Quora question was so appropriate for our audience that we’d share it here:

“What are the best practices for raising a seed round after a Demo Day?”

A few highlights:

    • No one is going to invest based on the demo day presentation. Investors just make in/out lists based on their preferences and gut feeling. Do anything get into the “in” column.
    • Fundraising is a full time job. Don’t try to do anything else while you fundraise. Be available, always suggest 2-3 times when you schedule appointments.
    • Never leave a meeting without next steps and always, always, always followup after a meeting – on the same day – by email addressing open questions and reiterating important points.
    • The deal is not done until the money is in the bank! The market could crash tomorrow, they could change their mind — Always Be Closing.

Be sure to read the whole thing! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.