We’re very pleased to welcome the okcCoCo to the neighborhood! Here is their exciting announcement of their re-location to our neck of the woods.

The okcCoCo is a co-working facility and community center that provides members with desks, offices, a cafe and and a lounge area. Designed especially for freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs and technical professionals, the okcCoCo has provided members with a great place to share, work together and learn.

The okcCoCo was founded in 2009 and has recently moved into an office two doors down to the west of VentureSpur’s loft office entrance, at 704 W. Sheridan Ave.

We’ve gotten to appreciate the okcCoCo’s software and IT community involvement through their OpenBeta events as well as their various user group meetings, like OKCPHP, OKCLugNuts, OKC.js, and several others.

Welcome to the okcCoCo! We’re excited to have you nearby and look forward to fun collaborations in the future!