VentureSpur 2013 startup,, has been featured by the entrepreneurship blog.


Zalongo is a private family and small group-oriented social network with a free version and premium version, and with web and mobile versions.

The article emphasizes the benefit of privacy provided by the online service:

Zalongo is a private social network limited to your family network – it’s essentially a form of Facebook that’s limited in so many ways (but in a good way). You still have a wall to share photos, videos and other fun stuff such as recipes with your family, but you can assuage any privacy concerns and not have your child freak out at you in the future for posting up an embarrassing picture on a public social network in their obscure past.

The blog also points out the growing dangers to personal and family privacy of the competing social networks:

For some obscure reason, people are suddenly starting to realize the dangers of posting too much information on their social media platforms, especially when it comes to oversharing photos of their children online. But the trouble is, with nuclear families and various other assorted family relations getting scattered all across the world, there needs a better way for us to stay in touch. Cue in Zalongo, the “unsocial network for families”.



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