VentureSpur Texas was proud to be a participant at Trailblazer Capital’s 2014 Tech Trends for Restaurant and Retail event in Dallas on April 3rd.

VentureSpur Texas introduced the Texas startup and investment community to its new exclusive focus area in mobility and technology for restaurant, retail and hospitality at the event and to its new Interim Managing Director, David Matthews. Read more about the announcement here.

The event brought restaurant, retail, and technology  executives from all over the region to explore technology development trending in the restaurant and retail markets.


The event was covered by the Dallas Business Journal:

Startups from across the state and surrounding regions traveled to Dallas to present their technologies to a room of more than 100 guests that included venture capitalists, corporate retail and restaurant representatives and other entrepreneurs. They also listened the presentations that uncovered upcoming trends in the consumer market. That included offering solutions to remove the guilt of purchasing, creating applications to connect consumers to farmers or information about their produce, and finding ways to capitalize on the social element of food.

Read the full Dallas Business Journal story here.

Startups from Dallas and surrounding areas presented products and services to over 100 investors, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs.

The event also highlighted the announcement of VentureSpur’s consolidation and launch of our dedicated Dallas office.

Closing the event was keynote speaker Phil Romano, founder of Fuddrucker’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, and other popular restaurants.

Dallas is quickly becoming a leader in restaurant and retail development. Trailblazer Capital and VentureSpur Texas are strong supporters of the growth of mobility and technology in the retail and restaurant industries.

In an interview with the Dallas Business Journal, David Matthews, said, “We have a really big opportunity here.”