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Oklahoma City media software training company Digital Tutors has been acquired by PluralSight, a Salt-Lake City based company which provides an online catalog of professional software training tools.

With the merger of Digital Tutors’ library of creative media training tools, PluralSight now boasts the largest digital software training catalog with over 3,000 training modules. Former CEO and founder of Digital Tutors, Piyush Patel, commented in an interview with NewsOK:

They are the largest provider of internet based training for IT professionals and developers. Now we are bringing the creative arm to that business.

Piyush started Digital Tutors in 2000 to provide professionals, universities, and production companies with a complete educational platform for video-based graphics training in 2D and 3D applications. The company quickly gained partnerships with leading media and software development companies such as Adobe, DreamWorks Animation, and Rockstar Games.


We’re now moving into web-design, architecture, ¬†and mechanical engineering product design.


Those are the areas that we want to focus in, develop, and grow into. This acquisition gives us the resources to move into those markets.

This merger is the fourth asset procurement in a series of company acquisitions made by PluralSight in the last eight months. Now, customers of Digital Tutors and PluralSight have access to the full media and software training tools compilation with no extra cost.

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