VentureSpur hosted an office full of eager entrepreneurs with detailed questions for our lunch-and-learn event on Term Sheets on Tuesday, May 8 at our facility inside The Exchange.

VentureSpur co-founder, Gabe Bass, who is also the Managing Partner of Bass Law in Oklahoma City, made the hour-long presentation with a focus on what startups need to know about negotiating a term sheet with venture capitalists for their Series A round of investment.

Topics included a comprehensive review of typical terms and especially included valuation issues and preferences. Scenarios were discussed and the mechanics of negotiating a term sheet in the context of both prior and subsequent investments were outlined.

Audience questions included queries on how to deal with board members appointed by VC firms, when a term sheet might be abandoned by either party, and where to find sample term sheets and other typical VC investment documents used in Series A rounds.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

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