IMG_1357In early 2012, this former ad agency executive began developing mobile game applications. Some were experimental, while others had some interesting concepts behind them. But one of them got John Perls, JoopLoop Founder and CEO, excited. The app was called Carney Carlos and offered customers at local bars the chance to play a “toss in the bucket” type game, beat the house score, and get a dollar or two off a beer or appetizer. Customers would then share the deal along with the location of the bar they were at to their personal social network(s). The app worked and got friends of friends to the bar. This app would become the inspiration behind JoopLoop.

At this point, John had already built a large software development network, sourcing in China, India, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. After multiple trips to the eastern Europe, and the completion of many successful mobile projects, he decided to focus their attention on a team in Ukraine. Today, this company’s founder is JoopLoop’s CTO.

By mid January 2012, John had created the basic architecture for the JoopLoop mobile software. The key benefit was a method of assigning a value to a consumer’s social network in actual sales transactions at retail brick and mortar known as a consumer’s Social NetWorth Index (SNI). But the SNI has many more data points for retailers to take action with including propensity to share, network size, engagement frequency, purchase style, purchase size, geography, age and gender.

By January of 2013, John assembled a management team and advisory board made up of retailers, PhDs and several high profile consumer research leaders. They then began building the JoopLoop mobile applications, followed by the platform. The first JoopLoop prototype launched in August 2013, just eight months after they began development. Pilots, refinements and testing followed along with the development of more complex data collection and algorithms.

The challenge then, as it still is today, are marketers’ inability to measure ROI of their social media spending. In other words, marketers have no way of measuring the ROI of a consumer’s personal social network in sales transactions at retail brick and mortar stores, a whole different game than measuring ad clicks on a platform like Facebook. And even with the lack of measurement, marketers will spend $4.8 billion on social media this year alone and $8.22 billion in 2015. JoopLoop solves this problem.

John spent 20 years at some of the world’s largest ad agencies and retailers including Grey, RSCG Euro, Ammirati, Bloomingdales and Macy’s and the last 12 years as Founder/Creative Director of a full service ad agency, growing it from zero to $16 Mil in annual capitalized billings with a successful exit. He is also a speaker at various marketing and research conferences including Akzo Nobel’s Global Summit, 2013, iiex Europe/Amsterdam, 2014, ARF Rethink/NYC, 2014, ESOMAR LIVE B2B Forum/ATL, 2014 and ARF Omnichannel Retail, 2014/Chicago.

JoopLoop software and algorithms are currently Patent Pending. JoopLoop and Social NetWorth Index are trademarks of JoopLoop Inc.

JoopLoop is in phase 2 of development. Pilots will be completed shortly. Please join us at Gilley’s on October 29, from 1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. to meet John in person and learn more about this powerful new mobile software.

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