IMG_0506Abraham Cornejo, Edgar Vilchis and Alberto Garcia met for the first time in Austin at South by Southwest. As fate would have it, they all met again, unplanned, in their home city of Mexico City at the Angelhack Hackathon. Their complementary skills made them natural partners, so they formed a team. Coming from a background of working with advertising agencies in which he worked for clients like Coca-Cola, Abraham wanted to create a product to help businesses in their marketing efforts. Alberto, with fifteen years experience working for companies like Telefonica, the largest telecommunications company in the Spanish-speaking world, and Urban360, the most downloaded smartphone application in Mexico, wanted to build a data analytics platform for businesses. And Edgar, having worked with machines, wanted to create something using hardware In the end, they combined their ideas, and Hostspot was born.

The team went to work building a demo, and went on to not only to win AngelHack in Mexico City, but the international competition in San Francisco as well. With the capital provided, they returned to Mexico City and went to work building the business. Hostspot offers an integrated set of tools for brick-and-mortar restaurants and retailers to leverage to gain greater insight into the needs and behaviors of their customers. Using location sensors, smart phone wi-fi tracking, and social media data, as well as other tools, they began delivering to their clients the tools that online ecommerce websites already have at their disposal, leveling the playing field for brick-and-mortar stores against ecommerce companies.

Hostspot is already serving 15 brands in Mexico City, 70% of which are paying customers. Following on that success, they are seeking to expand into the U.S. market, and their team is uniquely qualified to do so. Working many years as a developer for telecommunications companies and technology startups, Alberto is leading the development from Mexico City, joined by Hostspot’s second developer, Edgar Vilchis, with extensive experience in back-end development as well. By working out of Mexico, they are building their product at 30% the cost it would be in the U.S. Drawing on his experience in advertising, and leveraging his fluency in English, Abraham is working out of Dallas, marketing the company and growing a customer base.

On October 29, Abraham, Alberto and Edgar will join the rest of the VentureSpur teams to pitch their company. Come out and join us from 1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. at Gilley’s to meet them in person and learn more their company, Hostspot.

Register for pitch day at PitchDay.VentureSpur.Com!