When VentureSpur announced it was seeking applications for its 2014 class of start-ups, it received hundreds of applications from all over the world. However, only a select few were ultimately chosen to travel to Dallas to be a part of the VentureSpur accelerator. One of those selected was Sam Hijazin, and his company, 5 Screens Media.

While traveling and working throughout the country, Sam has lived mostly on the east coast and recently in New Jersey, where he developed an extensive background in the telecommunications and mobile industries, working specifically in leading the areas of Mobile Product Innovation, Network Rollout, Data Analytics, and Mobile Marketing for companies like Telcordia Technologies, Comsearch, and with major wireless operators in the US including services to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Sam has been on the front lines of the technology development fields, and observed the enormous commercial effects cutting-edge advances. New innovations and technologies, specifically the universality of smartphone ownership, was providing new channels through which retailers and customers could interact. Sam noticed that users still do not have full cross-screens experience and would benefit from seamless engagement on the mobile and the other digital screens. He also felt that such engagement will be increased if businesses take advantage of the growing capabilities within mobile networks for sponsoring end users data access. Thus, the idea for 5 Screens Media was born.

5 Screens Media enables retailers to ubiquitously increase the two-way engagement with their customers through sponsoring the data access that customers use when they are on their mobile sites. This increases interactive engagement, awareness and loyalty between the customer and the retailer. By sponsoring the customer’s data, the length of engagement between the customer and the retailer is extended, increasing the chance of sales conversion. It is also a message of appreciation from the retailers and a good business practice with their customers.

Sam has built an excellent team to execute this vision. His CTO, Dr. Thimios Pangos has a strong background in telecommunications , mobile technologies, and data distribution systems. Mr. Ehab Hijazen works alongside him, managing the operations of the company. He also has significant advisory board that includes Dr. Adam Drobot and Mr. Scott Ericsson, both are leaders with successful track record in advancing technologies, business operations, and applications in the telecommunication fields. Sam, a pragmatic leader, continues to carefully build and expand a collaborative culture within the organization. Drawing on his wealth of experience and extensive background in wireless technologies, media, and other diverse industries where he lead large corporate teams as well as started early startups, Sam leads the company as the CEO.

Sam and his company 5 Screens Media will be among the companies showcased at the Venture Spur final pitch event on October 29. Come out and join us from 1:30p.m. – 5:30p.m at Gilley’s to meet Sam in person and to learn more about his company, 5 Screens Media.

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