It’s no secret that China has experienced rapid growth in the past couple of decades that have launched it to becoming the second largest economy in the world. It’s also no secret that businesses and investors alike have profited greatly from the opportunities presented by China’s rapid growth. A lesser known fact is that China now sends more tourists abroad than any other nation on earth. Growing up in Beijing and working in the United States, Jie Hao was in an ideal position to observe and understand the many cultural differences between Chinese and Americans as they began to interact commercially far more frequently – and the many opportunities that this presents.

Before founding his company, Jie worked as a deal maker, helping Chinese investors to find good investment opportunities in the US. While working, he noticed two recurring problems. First, Chinese visitors to the U.S. had no idea where to go shopping. The knowledge that Americans take for granted including where to find shopping outlets and what is popular is information most Chinese tourists do not have access to. Second, once they have arrived in the U.S., most Chinese tourists do not know how to navigate within the country. Access to public transportation in most U.S. cities, combined with their layout and design, makes transportation for Chinese tourists not intuitive.

Seeing this enormous hole in the market, Jie decided to launch his company 5 Million Shoppers, named after the number of Chinese tourists projected to visit the U.S. in the near future. Through the company, Jie will be able to leverage the unique experiences of himself and his team to help these tourists navigate through the stops on their itinerary and connect with the retail outlets they are looking for. 5 Million Shoppers will bring to these tourists the local knowledge of the United States that they lack. Simultaneously, it will provide an invaluable marketing channel to brands and retailers. While tourism from China is exploding, retailers currently have few tools to market to them, as all marketing and advertising is tailored for a local American population. 5 Million Shoppers offers retailers a unique access that they can leverage to attract Chinese tourists to their establishments and increase sales.

Jie and his team have all spent considerable time in the United States, learning and understanding the market. Come out to Gilley’s on October 29, from 1:00p.m. – 5:00p.m. to meet Jie and his team in person and learn more about the incredible potential of this flagship company.

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