We are excited to welcome Urvi Bhandari as a new mentor!  Urvi is the Director Membership Innovation at Sam’s Club.

We asked her to tell us a little about herself:

urviI have spent a large part of my life building bridges to connect the dots across the globe: ideas, people, places and things. I am a connector and community builder!
What I constantly work on: Influencing individuals to think about their day to day decisions on how they are living their lives. Understanding and bringing to life floating cities, that would sail around the world providing a new platform for innovators, futurists, global thinkers and nomads to live, work and play.

What I do everyday: Evolving People, Places and Ideas! Through my daily life whether through my role at Sam’s club or being a global nomad. I support the changing paradigm in how we live, work and play: TODAY. A time where “innovation” is more than buzzword, but a way of being, I embody the changes I make to drive business forward. Whether at work, at play, or in life: I am the bridge between ideas… and action.

What I do when I’m not working on the everyday: Building connections across the globe that allows people to collaborate on building the change of the future.

With 18 years of global experience in the corporate arena – I bring an innovative perspective to the corporate environment in varied intrapreneurial roles. I mentor and am a CMO level adviser to start ups across the globe. I am strong supporter of women in business and continue to focus on their development.

Specialties: Connecting, Innovation, Strategic Branding, Business Development, Life Coach, Cultural Change Catalyst, Disruptive Creative Thinker, Negotiation, Women’s Leadership

I am getting back into being an avid endurance athlete completing a half Ironman, multiple triathlons, marathons and long distance bike rides. I lead a very nomadic lifestyle. I will continue to travel across the world to experience and connect life through people and places