Where: The Zodiac in the downtown Dallas Neiman Marcus

When: Thursday, April 5 from 11AM – 2:30PM

Who: We are excited to show you companies themed around new retail concepts and the technologies powering them.

Without further ado…{insert drumroll}


Bottlefly has created a patented method for tracking consumer preferences in sensory-based products. The Palate Profiler is powered by flavor chemistry, machine learning, and a comprehensive dual-taste preference system which allows them to provide recommendations with incredible accuracy. Bottlefly is first to market for recommending sensory products using flavor chemistry and emotion-based adjectives. Using this technology will help retailers and marketers understand how consumer’s emotions influence their purchasing behavior.


Cherry Pick AI is a marketing automation platform that turns consumer purchase intent on Instagram into sales for beauty brands and retailers. It is the first-to-market tool to directly monetize social media comments.


Xenio helps to level the playing field for physical stores by enabling brick & mortar retailers to precisely track the shoppers’ real-time behavior, tied to their profile, within the store. This includes shopper dwell, traffic and even velocity states with a ~3 foot accuracy. In addition, they can now engage with them at the right place and at the right time via new shopper services such as on-demand concierge and turn-by-turn navigation.


Envizzo is a marketplace that connects brands to consumers through product placement in short term rentals. Once products are in the homes, Envizzo markets the goods and collects consumer insights from the travelers.


The Akola Project is a non-profit designed to empower at risk women by offering them training, a work opportunity, and holistic care. Akola Jewelry became the first full-impact brand that gives 100% back to launch in the luxury space through its every store account with Neiman Marcus in 2016. Akola became a top 10 jewelry brand in its first season at Neiman Marcus.



Neighborhood Goods is a new concept combining editorial e-commerce with physical stores.


Roopa is an ethical luxury fashion brand that brings together a modern fusion of art and fashion. Design Duo Sudhir Swain and Roopa Pemmaraju create beautiful garments from natural fibres, each piece is lovingly handcrafted and embellished by skilled artisans in Bangalore, India using time honoured traditions and offering unexpected techniques to modern silhouettes.


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