12 March 2018

CherryPick.ai is a marketing automation platform that turns consumer purchase intent on Instagram into sales for beauty brands and retailers. It is the first-to-market tool to directly monetize social media comments.

Let’s meet the founders!

Justin Stewart, CEO

Justin Stewart is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cherry Pick AI. As a fashion model turned data science entrepreneur, Stewart has developed a deep passion for using social media data to enable novel customer experiences. He has spent the past five years building machine learning products, focusing on natural language processing, predictive analytics, and social media. Stewart built the core Cherry Pick platform leveraging the latest techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After pursuing his PhD studies at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in game theory and mechanism design, Stewart moved to New York to dedicate himself fulltime to data science endeavours. He completed the Metis data science bootcamp, consulted for various start ups (e.g. Lucky Sort, Fohr Card, Aidin), and built tools from recommendation engines to a data acquisition technology to help disrupt illegal sex trafficking networks. He also solo founded a start-up in the influencer marketing space that he bootstrapped for two years before deciding to pivot to start Cherry Pick.


Melissa Munnerlyn, COO

Melissa Munnerlyn is the COO and Co-founder of Cherry Pick AI. She has spent the last seven years creating marketing organizations for multiple fashion and beauty e-commerce startups, launching thousands of automation programs and ad campaigns. Her expertise in marketing, sales, and business development for e-commerce companies provides the implementation level detail to build product customers love and actually use.

Originally from Southern California, Munnerlyn has created teams at Ruche, ThreadSence, Poketo, Beyond Polish, and more. In those experiences, she learned the art of management and leadership and prides herself on building teams with authenticity, vision, and purpose. Most notably, Munnerlyn built a global community of over 500k women connected by their love of personal style, music, and art, that helped drive an e-commerce business from zero to $10 million run rate.


RevTech is super excited to have CherryPick.ai pitch at Tech Trends in Retail next month. Make sure to grab your ticket — seating is limited!