On April 6th, RevTech Ventures hosted the 5th annual Tech Trends in Retail. The Addison Conference Centre was packed full of retailers, investors, and innovators who are all eager to learn how retail is being disrupted and how technology companies are carrying this out.

David Matthews, Managing Director of RevTech Ventures welcomed the full house and announced RevTech Ventures’s new follow-on fund!

Jeff Donaldson

Jeff Donaldson, former GameStop CIO and Intriosity CEO was the keynote speaker. Jeff discussed retail transformation imperatives and the roles that automation, AI, and analytics, will play. He stressed the importance of adopting cost efficiency as opposed to cost cutting processes. The opportunity is now to invest in innovating retail!

Jeff Smith, Managing Partner of QuantomIOT presented a case study of IoT in Studio Movie Grill. By leveraging IoT to facilitate data ingestion, automation, and predictive optimization, Studio Movie Grill was able to realize increased revenue, optimize inventory, save time, and better understand their customers.

Nine retail technology innovators presented, all around the themes of automation, AI, and analytics. Arcade won the audience’s favorite presentation!

Accel Robotics, San Diego – creates extraordinary robots designed to enhance the human experience.

Arcade, Melbourne & Dallas – an end-to-end SaaS solution for measuring, increasing and retaining retail employee engagement.

Banter, Palo Alto – enables customers to contact businesses over direct messaging channels. Using both Artificial Intelligence and human agents, customers can make purchases and receive assistance in real time.

Birdzi, Iselin (New Jersey) – personalization platform for retailers and brands to connect to the right shoppers and the right time and place

Fract, San Francisco – helps retailers accurately predict the likelihood that a prospective location will result in disaster, or probable success.

Kwik, Tel Aviv – an end-to-end IoT platform connecting retailers, brands and service providers to their customers.

Oculus360, Dallas – delivers actionable consumer insights on the strength of your brand connection to consumers using their cognitive computing platform.

SupplyAI, San Francisco – the world’s first AI powered platform that helps omni-channel retailers to detect and prevent returns.

Shiftsmart, San Francisco – help workers find and apply to on-demand jobs with one application. Workers can then manage and optimize their schedule across jobs.