Dallas Business Journal - SparxLife 1SPARXlife, a 2013 VentureSpur startup, was featured in a November 15-21, 2013 Dallas Business Journal article discussing new startups that have moved to Dallas from other places.

Company CEO, Shannon Meairs, especially highlighted the ability of accelerators like VentureSpur to help in attracting and finding investment capital for companies moving to a new city.

From the article:

But to keep SPARXlife alive, Meairs needed some guidance of her own. Armed with a startup plan and high hopes, she and [company co-founder] Jeter left Los Angeles in July to attend the new VentureSpur accelerator in Dallas, where she had already started to build a network.

“We knew an accelerator would be the best way to rapidly advance and grow in a very short time,” she said.

After the three-month accelerator, the pair landed five Dallas-area investors who helped them raise $150,000. For Meairs and Jeter, the trick to landing Dallas investment boiled down to one key item: the credibility they gained from VentureSpur.

The investment, coupled with Texas’ lower cost of operation clinched it: they and SPARXlife were in Dallas to stay.

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SPARXlife provides a web application to help people discover their purpose and live it. The company notes that 2/3 of young adults are unhappy with their professional prospects and are trying to figure out what to do with their lives.

SPARXlife uses scientifically-validated tools to help these individuals find their purpose and then matches them with opportunities to learn and live accordingly: colleges, online classes, books, jobs, and a network of similarly-minded people. Follow the company here.