SJS Photo 1We are pleased to welcome Shelle Sills as a new mentor!

Accomplished and innovative retail executive, Shelle Sills brings over 30 years of experience in management, merchandising, buying, marketing and brand development.  As a leader in a competitive and emerging retail environment, she exhibits the ability to identify talent, opportunities and to broaden the base of existing brands with critical thinking and creativity. Developed and implemented strategies for small, mid and large size specialty and luxury retail stores with increased market share and bottom line profitability. She has been successful in connecting business, civic and non-profit sectors to create strong financial outcomes. She is recognized as an industry leader in development of customer service strategies, associate development and identifying and scaling new business concepts.

Areas of Knowledge

Executive Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Personal Leadership and Business Development

  • Developed customer service strategies with measurable results that elevate customer experience and enhance brand and customer loyalty.
  • Developed new approaches to merchandise and product development in existing business models.
  • Utilized interpersonal skills that facilitate connectivity of people and business opportunities, linking business, civic and nonprofit to produce strong financial results.
  • Identified new business concepts and trends and executed strategies ahead of the competition.
  • Developed new concepts utilizing multi-layered approach to advertising and marketing.