Jeff Donaldson

4 February 2018

RevTech Ventures is sponsoring a first-of-its-kind conference exploring “Retail Robotics and AI” and the future of automation in the retail industry. The Retail Analytics Council, Platt Retail Institute and Northwestern University are organizing this exclusive event scheduled for April 26, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. RevTech Ventures is providing expertise, event management and logistical support.

The application of robotics and AI to automation of core retail capabilities, retail analytics, marketing and consumer-facing processes is at an early stage, but developing rapidly. While the potential for robotics and AI-driven automation in retail is clear, there is much to learn about where to start, how data must be leveraged, what platforms can be applied, the cost of implementation, and the impact on retail employees among other considerations. “Retail Robotics and AI” will be a working conference attended by an invitation-only group of 110 retail executives, retail early adopters and academic researchers to explore use cases, learn from early experiences in retail, and collaborate to define the highest value paths for progress.

RevTech Ventures is proud to be a sponsor and supporter of this exclusive event and asks that you consider joining the event at the downtown San Francisco remote campus of Northwestern University. The event is all-day Thursday, April 26 with a reception on the prior evening. All activities are at the following address:

Northwestern University 44 Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94104

Click here to request an invitation.

If you would like to ask questions about this event please contact Meagan Moakes at or Jeff Donaldson at