David Matthews

4 February 2018


This month, RevTech Ventures engaged a few of its most active mentors in a new, Executive in Residence program.  Besides being great, active mentors, these EIR’s up the ante by leading advisory boards, referring candidates, increasing RevTech Ventures’s profile, and other active engagement.  EIR Sascha Jamall has formed a new advisory board with supply chain and global sourcing expertise.  EIR Steve Dennis is the lead mentor for RevTech Ventures’s new investment in Roopa Pemmaraju.  EIR Jeff Donaldson has enabled RevTech Ventures to sponsor and participate in Northwestern Universities upcoming conference on robotics.  EIR Jacqui Martinez is making strategic introductions and helping with due diligence on a new investment opportunity.

The opportunity for a mentor to serve as an Executive in Residence is by invitation only and is reserved for RevTech Ventures’s most active mentors.  EIR’s are paid a retainer for a monthly minimum time commitment, and provided with a shared office space in RevTech Ventures’s co-work facility.  Here’s our initial set of EIR’s:

Steve Dennis, Sageberry Consulting

Alok Tyagi, Fortium Partners

Sascha Jamall, SAJ Consulting

Nick Mysore, NPower Ventures

Jeff Donaldson, Intriosity

Jacqui Martinez