RevTech Ventures, a Dallas-based accelerator program and seed capital fund, is launching its own co-working space on June 1st!  Less than a mile from Northpark Center, the centerpiece of Dallas retail, this new space will house the RevTech Ventures accelerator programs and funds, several RevTech Ventures alumni and mentors, and will be available to rent for start-ups, investors, and retailers looking to innovate retail.

This move is a testament to the growth of the organization, having recently announced its largest fund to date. RevTech Ventures’s mission is to facilitate the technological evolution of the restaurant and retail industries. The new co-working space, themed around retail innovation, will function as an innovation lab where retailers and entrepreneurs alike can collaborate on solutions to the well-publicized industry challenges.

According to RevTech Ventures Managing Director, David Matthews, “while co-work facilities are bringing community resources to the startup world, sector-focused co-work facilities are creating 24/7 acceleration environments.”


RevTech Ventures has been based in the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) since its inception in 2013. The new 13,000 square foot facility features state-of-the-art conference rooms, function areas, hardware and software lab facilities, 18 private offices, and 44 workstations. Creation of an innovation lab furthers RevTech Ventures’s goal of providing retailers with the tools they need to compete in the age of Amazon.


To date, RevTech Ventures has funded 31 companies through its accelerator programs. RevTech Ventures alumni have cumulatively raised over $15 million and created over 200 jobs. The next accelerator program will run from July through September, with the semi-annual “Tech Trends in Retail” event scheduled for September 6th at Addison Conference Centre.


To learn more about the space, email or fill out info on!