RevTech Fellows Spring 2021 Case Study 

GroundLevel Insights               

James Motsinger

Duke University, 2022

“As someone who worked with RevTech and their portfolio company, I’ve learned so much in twelve weeks about what it means to be a value-add as an operator in Venture Capital. Working with GroundLevel Insights has been such an eyeopening experience about what it looks like to be scrappy and get a business off the ground.”

Key Objectives: 

  • Learn about location-based data and its uses by understanding how organizations leverage data to engage with their customers 
  • Understand insights that businesses wanted from their clients, such as habits, trends, and feedback 
  • Improve data visualization and reporting to future clients and pilot users to highlight trends and discover insights based on customer habits 
  • Develop a framework to improve ongoing and future pilot users to see usage, valuable features, reporting visualization, and next steps for the GLI platform

Results & End Impact 

  • Researched 47 potential partners and competitors 
  • Conducted an interview with a current pilot user who recently lost a partnership with a large jewelry firm, but was going to rekindle that partnership since they saw that over 200 weekly visitors came from or went to that store right after visiting  
  • Created the foundations for their platforms output in a two-page report that would most likely have saved the team 10 hours of time 

Key Learnings 

  • Being flexible in a start-up is critical, in addition to speaking up about how you can add value. 
  • Location-based data is vital to empower businesses to understand their customers’ habits and up-to-date trends even better than traditional consulting reports. 
  • As a data-driven individual, how you present the data is just as necessary as the data itself. 
  • Always take a step back to see why you are doing what you are doing; it’s easy to find a next step, but making sure you’ve genuinely evaluated your options is even more important than taking the next step. 
  • Relationships drive venture capital, and trying to quantify and measure your goals is essential to make sure you are making progress. 

Paying it Forward & Next Steps 

  • I will continue to serve GLI in the future since they’ve been so critical to my development. 
  • I’m going to focus even more on developing relationships in funds that I am interested in to get a job after my MBA in VC. 
  • I will mentor first-year students and those interested in venture capital to guide them not to make as many mistakes and take more risks than I have.