_Revetech May Recap.

We’re back again to share the latest highlights we’re seeing in venture, in retail tech, and in our portfolio..

There are lots of storm clouds overhead for small business these days. In challenging economies, large companies can weather the storm easier than small companies. Investors and consumers have the urge to move toward what seems more safe and secure. So, it would seem to be a year for flat, or even negative, growth for startups.

Fortunately, we just did a quick analysis of our RevTech portfolio and were pleased to see that over 75% of our investments are on track to grow revenue substantially this year over last year. This is proof that – if you’re building something valuable – you should be able to grow your business in any economic environment.

A few portfolio highlights:

1. was named a “2023 A-List Award” finalistThe A-List Awards are hosted by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce and South by Southwest. is the first end-to-end e-commerce software and service provider built to help Brands find more customers, sell in more places, and deliver their products more easily.

2. Crave Retail was demo’d live in a Fox29 news feature in a new Under Armour concept store.

Crave Retail is a powerful fitting room technology for apparel retailers.

3. Michelle Bacharach, CEO of FindMine, was recently named an Inc. Magazine “Top 200 Female Founder.” Way to go, Michelle!

FindMine leverages AI to complete the look for apparel and other verticals.

4. Neighborhood Goods was recently featured in Forbes with an article titled “What a Retail Showroom Can Do for Rising Brands.”

Neighborhood Goods is a new type of department store, featuring an ever-changing landscape of the world’s most thoughtful, progressive, and exciting brands.

5. Recurate powered Peak Design’s Earth Day campaign last month. The Earth Day promotion increased Peak Design’s resale sales by 5x that day, but also increased new sales by 11%!

Recurate is a tech-enabled resale service that empowers brands & retailers to establish their own integrated resale platforms directly on their e-commerce sites.

6. The Citizenry has delved deeper into the furniture category with its New Portraits Collection.

The Citizenry is a socially conscious home decor brand bringing the world’s best craftsmanship to the modern home.

7. Topl was featured in an INSIDER article about startups that are leveraging blockchain for climate action.

Topl is an interoperable blockchain protocol designed to enable a new, more inclusive, connected, and sustainable economy through innovative web3 technology.

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