PassportPhotoRakeshRakesh Taori is a Senior Director with Samsung Research America, responsible for Next Generation Wireless Communication technologies.

Rakesh is a highly-accomplished technology professional with over 20 years of work experience leading Research, Prototyping and Standardization projects at Samsung, Ericsson and Philips. He is a prolific inventor with 98 US Patents granted. He has been a leading figure in Samsung’s 5G efforts, right from its inception, driving the development of core MAC and Network aspects,  introducing fundamental technologies essential for enabling mm-Wave band operations, such as In-band mmW Wireless Backhaul and access, algorithms and protocols to support cellular access in mmW bands (novel concepts such as Cloud Cell, and beamformed MAC).

Other significant contributions include creating and driving industry’s first multi-hop mesh standard (IEEE 802.11s), industry’s first cellular standard for multi-hop relay (IEEE 802.16j), and driving Samsung’s 4G standardization efforts in IEEE 802.16m which was adopted as one of the IMT-Advanced systems (by the ITU-R). Rakesh also served as the Vice Chair of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group.

Rakesh and his team are actively contributing to the ongoing efforts for standardizing next generation WLAN technologies, for both the below GHz bands (802.11ax) and the mmW bands (802.11ay). He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Wi-Fi Alliance and chairs the IoT task group in Wi-Fi Alliance.