For our Quick Pitch event, VentureSpur invited our 10 Finalists in to make a quick 10-minute pitch, followed by 5 minutes of Q & A, with our investors on Friday.

Our investment group was provided with all application materials prior to the Quick Pitch. The Quick Pitch process is designed to provide us with that intangible, in-person opportunity to see how a team presents, speaks and interacts.

It came off like a well-oiled machine due to the careful coordination provided by VentureSpur’s Office Manager, Lindsay Crider. We had 10 companies complete their pitches, back-to-back in rapid-fire fashion to our investor group. It was an exciting, fast-pased experience!

Sincere thanks to everyone who participated.

We will be announcing the teams that have won admission to the accelerator on July 6th, and the accelerator program will begin on August 6.