_Portfolio Spotlight: Female Founders.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our tenacious Female Founders & CEO’s, who represent 1/3 of our active portfolio and lead some of our top performing companies.

1. Michelle Bacharach, Founder & CEO, Find Mine

2. Rachel Bentley & Carly Kouba Nance, Co-Founders, The Citizenry

3. Sierra Pena, Co-Founder & CEO, Shelfleet

4. Samantha Lewis, Executive Chariman, Topl

5. Piersten Gaines, Founder & CEO, Pressed Roots

6. Katerina Axelsson, Founder & CEO, Tastry

7. Donna Letier & Julie Mitchell Eggers, Co-Founders, Gardenuity

8. Suelin Chin, Co-Founder & CEO, Cake

9. Molly Schonthal, Co-Founder & CEO, Clutch

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