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From The Managing Director


As a young entrepreneur in my early thirties, the company I co-founded was growing by triple digits annually and I needed help – experience, not advice. So I joined the Dallas chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) and began a twenty-year journey of sharing experience with some world-class entrepreneurial peers.

EO is a global organization with over 14,000 members spread over 62 countries. One of the first things an entrepreneur learns after joining EO is “Gestalt Language Protocol,” which basically boils down to the following: “share experience, not advice.” Advice is cheap, sometimes free, and often conflicting. I learned the value of sharing relevant experience – learning how a fellow entrepreneur had faced a similar challenge to mine, how they handled it, and the resulting outcome. Then, I was able to use that experience as data while forming the solution to my challenge.

During my first five years in EO, my business grew ten-fold; during the next fifteen years, I gave back to the organization by launching an EO chapter in my hometown of Oklahoma City. What’s now RevTech Ventures was formed by a few of those members, who became some of our first mentors.

​At RevTech, we believe in the sharing of relevant experience over the doling out of advice. That’s why our network of mentors and investors is carefully selected for the wealth of experience they bring to the table.

As a Venture Capital Firm in Dallas, Texas, our mentors have over 1,000 years of cumulative experience as former founders and F500 C-Suite executives in the retail industry. In retail technology, we have generated numerous successful exits, and therefore have high-level connections to some of the nation’s largest restaurant & retail operators.




At RevTech, we believe in the sharing of relevant experience over the doling out of advice.
To put this into practice, we built a network of mentors, executives, and sponsors, carefully selected for the wealth of experience they bring to the table.


We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs and experienced venture capital investors who specialize in supporting the needs of early-stage startups transforming the retail sector.


We select the top retail senior executives and former entrepreneurs looking to pay it forward to the next generation to work closely with our startups to provide guidance and accelerate growth.


We work with the top 1% of talented and highly connected individuals to co-create the future of retail; in turn, these confidential executives, founders, and investors gain the access, insights, and network needed to succeed in their own retail initiatives.

Case Studies

[How We Operate]

We customize a growth plan for each new investment to actively find ways to support them throughout their journey – some even call us their third cofounder!


We lead or follow at the pre-seed and seed stage – typically, we are one of the first institutional investors.


Our first check is ~$100K; as companies grow, we reserve follow-on capital to support them in future rounds, typically $200K – $4M.


While we are headquartered in Dallas, our investments span across the globe.

Below are a few ways we helped founders execute on their vision:

Our lead mentor, Jeff Donaldson, leveraged a panel of retail industry CTOs that helped the company pivot their value proposition from robotic store associates to a frictionless commerce platform that attracted over $30M of VC funding.
We introduced the startup to its first national account, GameStop, in 2016.
We introduced them to their first national account, CEC Entertainment, in 2012. Over time, it became a 500-store deployment and the first $1M account for the company.
Our lead mentor, Chris Camillo, led the seed round and joined the management team. Chris helped the company develop a scaling system that enabled 40x revenue growth over 5 years.
We’ve helped this 2018 startup with significant capital connections, high-caliber talent, high-profile media exposure, and strategic partners.

We helped Pressed Roots vet their first employees, build their milestones and G2M strategy, gain legal expertise, and fill-out their round.

RevTech Team

[Meet Our Team]

We are a team of experienced VC investors and passionate entrepreneurs committed to shaping the future of retail. We leverage our unique investment thesis and industry expertise to catalyze the growth of
early-stage startups in the evolving ecosystem.

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