Meagan Moakes

18 November 2018


This past Wednesday, my colleagues and I had the privilege of attending the private opening of Neighborhood Goods. Located in the newest shopping center of Plano, Legacy West, Neighborhood Goods combines physical storefronts with editorial e-commerce to bridge the gap between traditional retail, pop-up shopping, immersive story-telling, and modern social experiences. The result is an ever-evolving alternative to — and evolution of — the department store, offering a fluid selection of the finest contemporary brands, whilst also delving into their respective stories in an inviting, open, and unique manner.

As I have become immersed in the retail industry over the last year, I have been witness to my childhood stores closing or on the edge of failing (i.e. Sears, Toys R Us). These closures have consumers wondering: is brick and mortar on the brink of extinction? Is e-commerce going to take over physical retail? After visiting Neighborhood Goods I am beyond certain this will not be the case.

The minute I walked into Matt Alexander’s store, I was greeted with knowledgable and friendly store associates that were eager to answer all of my questions. Not even thirty seconds from entering, Neighborhood Goods was providing me with a customer experience that I would never receive from the online giants, such as Amazon. In my opinion, this is a central theme to the store: providing an unbridled experience for the consumer. Unlike failing brick and mortar fronts, Neighborhood Goods understands the future demand of retailers from consumers.

I am beyond excited for Matt Alexander’s new adventure and I feel grateful to witness it. Now excuse me whilst I go make my Christmas list filled with ALL things Neighborhood Goods.