Mark SmallWe are pleased to welcome Mark Layton as a new mentor!

Mr. Layton is the Founder of PFSweb, Inc. (NASDAQ: PSFW) a global web commerce services provider based in Allen, TX. He is recognized as a pioneer in the world of eCommerce and an expert in disruptive Supply Chain strategies. Layton served as PFSweb Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer from its inception in 1993 through 2013. PFSweb offers a full range of ecommerce technology and business infrastructure (technology, warehousing, fulfillment, call center, payment processing) solutions as well as a full service Digital Agency and employs over 2600 persons.

Mark now spends his time as an Entrepreneur, Investor, Management Consultant and as a Professor at Texas Christian University and the University of Texas Dallas mentoring emerging Entrepreneurs and Supply Chain professionals.

Mark is a graduate of Penn State University (Masters Degree in Supply Chain Management, 2015) & Northern Arizona University (Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems, 1981).