VentureSpur was featured in an extended report by KOKH Fox 25 Primetime New anchor Kesha Henry!

The report included interviews with executives from each startup team currently in the 2012 accelerator program, as well as an interview with the program’s Managing Director, Kraettli L. Epperson.

From the accompanying news article:

Oklahomans are inventing companies and jobs that have never been created before. They’re young entrepreneurs with huge dreams, and one Oklahoma business is willing to invest thousands of dollars to give them a shot at making it…

All of that hard work leads up to a pitch day, in which each of the companies will pitch their ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors, in hopes of being able to take their companies to the next level. VentureSpur expects to have at least one-billion dollars in investable capital to be represented in the room on Pitch Day…

All four companies say VentureSpur has been an invaluable resource. “They have brought in mentors and entrepreneurs and leaders from around the community to train us up to get ready to run a successful business,” says Simkins.

The companies will make their pitches November 7th, 2012. VentureSpur expects the room to be filled with venture capitalists and angel investors who are ready to invest at least one-billion dollars.

“I really want to get in front of the crowd and show them just how amazing our company is,” says Simkins…

Four new and innovative Oklahoma companies, with four very different goals, but all with one thing in common. “We believe in our product, we believe in what we’re doing and we really believe it can make a difference and change the world,” says Deaton.

Read the full article here, on the Fox 25 website.