joan-braatz-senior-buyer-senior-buyer-senior-buyer-senior-buyer-sr-buyer-sr-buyerJoan has national department store and ecommerce retail buying experience working for 3 fortune 500 retailers: May Company, Macy’s, and JCPenney. She has expertise in global product sourcing, leveraging vertical fabric manufacturing, exploiting production line planning, and managing transit timelines for 10+ private label programs. This expertise translates to product better aligned to customer demand with speed to market decisions. Joan has extensive background in building product category plans that drive revenue, merchandise strategies that maximizes profit, and inventory contingencies, in collaboration with national brand and global vendors, that optimizes resources. For the last 7 years, Joan has also managed multi-million dollar business on-line by driving customer optimization, reducing friction for on-line customers, and improving the customer on-line shopping experience.