VentureSpur’s investors recently enjoyed an Investor Preview event highlighting promising accelerator applicants. Investor reaction was overwhelmingly positive to the applications presented.

I had the pleasure of introducing our investors to several companies that had submitted their applications by the May 2 Investor Preview deadline.

In responding to detailed investor follow-up questions, companies that have also taken advantage of our Open Office Hours had a special advantage, because I was able to provide more in-depth answers.

We reviewed the companies’ business models, current status, fundraising goals, and founder backgrounds.

We are rapidly approaching our June 6, 2012 application deadline. There is still time to apply and you can re-apply as many times as you wish prior to June 6. Applications are accepted at our website at

You can also call or email with questions, and take advantage of our Open Office Hours, which will next occur on Wednesday, May 30 from 3PM to 5PM. Sign up for a session now: