David Matthews

September 12, 2018

For a long time, it looked like grocers would be spared from the massive disruption that began affecting the retail industry with the onslaught of mobility and social media.  After all, grocery is that last bastion of physical retail where consumers regularly agree to become glorified warehouse clerks, filling their ever-larger shopping carts with that week’s fuel for survival.  That all changed last year, with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods Market.

While a lot of changes are behind the scenes and invisible to the in-store experience, we’re beginning to see a number of themes that largely involves the mobile device becoming the consumer’s “advocate in the aisles.”  At our upcoming Tech Trends in Retail event (our tenth), we’ll explore how personalization for diet, wellness, experiential cooking, and things like supply chain transparency are beginning to be deployed at scale.  We’ll learn about the vital adaptation today’s grocers will have to embrace in order to remain relevant in the 21st century.  Grocery shopping has never been so interesting!

Here are the GroceryTech companies presenting at Tech Trends in Retail Fall 2018:

ShoptoCook, Williamsville, NY – Leader in digital marketing and content management systems for grocery retailers, providing stores with an advertising edge through the use of new and existing technologies.

Birdzi, Iselin, NJ– Provider of a unique personalization platform for retailers and brands to connect to the right shoppers and the right time and place, enabling a seamless, personal and smart shopping experience.

ScriptSave, Tucson, AZ – Helps close the gaps in healthcare prescription coverage, with innovative savings programs for the uninsured and under-insured.

Myxx, Cary, NC – The best recipe solution on the market today and helps solve “What’s for dinner tonight?”​ by connecting digital, dynamic, personalized recipes to consumers, retailers and brands.

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