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2012 VentureSpur graduate GoldFire Studios!

Today marked the long-awaited launch of GoldFire Studios’ CasinoRPG game!

GoldFire began developing the game in early 2012 and, in 2013, began beta testing with over 17,000 active beta players. Those two years of development have now lead to VentureSpur graduate GoldFire Studios releasing the game for public consumption.

Support for CasinoRPG quickly gained momentum with a successful kickstarter campaign in early 2013, which raised more than $20,000.

CasinoRPG isn’t your standard casino gambling game. Players work their way up in the CasinoRPG community through games, gambling, jobs, and missions to big rollers and casino owners.

The game is developed in HTML5 and is hosted on the open web, allowing it to be played on practically any device! Check out the game trailer above or go directly to the CasinoRPG source at!

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GoldFire CasinoRPG


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About GoldFire Studios:

GoldFire Guys

GoldFire studios was founded by James Simpson in 2008 and is Oklahoma City’s first game development company. James and the GoldFire team began the Oklahoma Game Developers meetup group in 2013 and continue to be active members and organizers in the Oklahoma gaming community.

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