CEO of EngATech, Clay Slaton, was recently interviewed by Tulsa World about his company, becoming the president of The Entrepreneur’s Organization of Oklahoma, and his outlook on entrepreneurship in Oklahoma. In the process, he highlighted VentureSpur as a “the most exciting new avenue for funding the state” !

3. Coming out of the recession, how difficult is it for entrepreneurs in our state to get startup funding?
… For those that have a viable product or service offering, I think you may be surprised at the funding and support available. We have new incubators in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, contests with cash awards, entrepreneurial programs at our local schools, and there have even been laws passed recently making crowd-source funding much more accessible.
But the most exciting new avenue for funding in the state right now is VentureSpur, which not only brings together leading investors and startups, but also provides active mentorship and a purpose-driven education/development program.  



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