VentureSpur is pleased to announce David Matthews [LinkedIn] as a Platinum-level Sponsor of Pitch Day 2012!

David Matthews is a co-founder of VentureSpur and a Managing Partner with Trailblazer Capital in Dallas. David has an extensive background as an entrepreneur, lead investor in emerging funds, venture capitalist, and venture philanthropist.

David is committed to cultivating and developing businesses both in his native state of Oklahoma and in Texas.  His strong belief that startups are the engine of national economic growth and job growth have led him to a lifetime career as an entrepreneur and investor, including involvement in a wide range of technology, energy, utility and related startups.

He serves as a lead investor in alternative investment funds, including Red River Ventures, INCAP Financial Grup, Green Bull Fund, Elm Creek Partners and Trailblazer Capital. David has invested in a number of early-stage ventures including PeopleAnswers, Urban Labs, Coquest Structured Products, Avvantica, Zaadz, SensorLogic, Jumpstart Innovations, Variview Technology, SE2 Labs, and Noofangle Media.

Please join us in thanking David for his generosity in supporting Pitch Day 2012 and for his steadfast support of VentureSpur’s operations throughout its inaugural year!