dain ehringDain Ehring is an experienced C-level executive, entrepreneur and speaker with extensive experience in high technology leadership and engineering. A dynamic leader and motivator, Ehring is particularly skilled at raising capital; strategy, vision and mission planning; contract negotiations and strategic alliances; and team building and performance improvement. Most recently, Ehring was founder and CEO of Dorado Corporation, a pioneer in cloud-based applications for mortgage bankers. Under Ehring’s leadership, Dorado became the market leader in demand chain management solutions for the mortgage industry, achieving an average annual growth rate of 200% over a seven-year period. At its peak, Dorado’s patent-protected software was used by 150 of the largest U.S. banks. Ehring raised $120 million in funds from CrossPoint Ventures and other capital sources and structured the company’s successful sale to CoreLogic, a publicly traded, multi-billion dollar technology company. Ehring began his career in the public sector when he was recruited out of college by the U.S. government. After heading up the National Reconnaissance Organization’s (NRO) global technology modernization initiative, Ehring took on a sales and marketing position with NeXT Computers, founded by tech visionary Steve Jobs. His other roles include vice president of worldwide sales and service at Lighthouse Design, a startup applications developer acquired by Sun Microsystems; director of sales development at JavaSoft, a Sun Microsystems subsidiary; and senior vice president of CoreLogic. A gifted speaker and team builder, Ehring is a strong advocate for an engaged, collaborate and diverse workforce. He serves as a investor, advisor or mentor at several technology incubators, startup organizations and university programs. He also sits on several technology and philanthropic boards and has authored dozens of thought leadership articles on topics ranging from science, technology, politics and financial services. Ehring holds a Master’s degree in Space Physics from UCLA and is an avid traveler and blogger.