RevTech Ventures is venture capital firm in Dallas, Texas that invests in the technologies and concepts driving the future of retail.


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Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm (CST)

RevTech Ventures

311 N Market St #200
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Frequently Asked Questions


What is RevTech?

RevTech is a retail technology venture capital firm investing in pre-seed and seed stage technologies and concepts that create the future of retail.

I have a different question!

Ask us anything. Reach out to Due to a large volume of emails, we can’t always get to everyone, but we will try our best to answer your questions.

Did it hurt when your team fell from heaven?

Yes, it did. Our success is contingent upon the hard work of our team and founders – get to know us here.

What is an investment theme?

Thematic investing is an approach that is centered on predicting trends rather than evaluating specific companies, enabling investors to evaluate and fund companies poised to disrupt the industry.  


What is your investment thesis?

We invest in early-stage retail technology and concepts that help the retail industry adapt in the age of Amazon.

What traction do you look for? Any specific metrics?

Good question – check out our approach here.

What's your typical check size?

The average check size for new investments is $100K, but follow-on investments vary between $200K and $4M.

How many investments do you make per year?

There’s no rule, but we typically invest in 5-6 new companies per year, and 2-4 current portfolio companies for follow-on investments.

Will RevTech fund companies that are outside of Dallas?

Yes, we invest internationally – most of our investments are outside of Dallas.

Will RevTech fund companies that are pre-product?

No. Reach out when you are a bit further along!

Will RevTech fund companies that mainly focus outside the retail industry?

No. We are laser-focused on retail technology and concepts specifically within retail.

Will RevTech fund companies that have use cases outside of retail?

Yes. However, your concept must currently have traction and a significant focus in the retail sector.

Will RevTech fund companies that are outside of your investment themes?

Short answer – yes. If it is going to dramatically transform retail, we want to be involved. We believe our themes promise the greatest opportunities to enhance our sector,  but it is not fully comprehensive.

Retail Technology Investments

How do you work with founders in your portfolio?

Since each founder has different needs, we help in different ways – we build a custom acceleration plan for each new investment, providing resources, connections, and expertise specific to their growth.

How do I get connected with someone at RevTech to pitch my startup?

We review decks on a rolling basis. Submit your deck here and we’ll follow up if we see a potential retail technology investment opportunity.

Do you respond to cold outreach?

We will always take a look at any pitch deck in our inbox – send it to us here. If there’s a fit, we will be in touch!

When is a good time to reach out? How early is too early?

We invest AFTER the product has been created – we don’t invest when your idea is on the back of the napkin. We like getting to know prospective investments early on, but recommend reaching out once you have a pilot/customer or two under your belt.

Retail Technology Involvement

Wow! RevTech is awesome. How do I stay in the loop?

Great question! Sign up for our newsletter here and stay posted on our events here.

I'm a company that wants to access the newest tech and trends accelerating the industry. How do I get involved?

You sound like a great fit to be a partner. Shoot us a note here.

I'm looking to work for a startup, where do I start?

We have lots of opportunities at our portfolio companies! Learn more and apply here.

How do I join the executive network or become a mentor?

Unfortunately, our network is invite-only, but we think highly of those referred by someone highly involved in our current mentor or executive network.

I'm a graduate student looking to learn more about VC & retail tech

Check out our student opportunities and fellowship program for retail technology venture capital here.

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