What Will 2023 Hold?

NRF 2023 Recap: What to expect in retail tech in the new year. Here’s what we saw: 1. AI solutions across the customer journey 2. Machine learning solutions for supply chain 3. Automated store solutions, with a focus on checkout 4. Personalization and new selling channels in the shopper journey

Revtech Roundup

The Conundrum of Venture Backed Tech Companies Flooded labor market following 100k+ recent tech company layoffs vs. Venture Funding tightening grip on dry powder with dropping valuations  What is in store for 2023?

New Portfolio Spotlight

Clutchis “transforming the entertainment industry into a fully immersive, seamless shopping experience that ties the world of streaming and linear content to the world of commerce, deepening viewer engagement and riving brand meaning and identity.” Clutch captures the on-screen items viewers select themselves in an editorialized experience so they can shop the way they want: by character, […]

Revetech Weekly Roundup

Spotlight StoryThe 5 New Retail Store Formats to Watch in 2023. 1. Experiential Retail. Ex: Dick’s Sporting Goods. 2. Omni-channel Natives. Ex: Nike Style Stores. 3. Shop-in-Shops. Ex: Ulta Beauty in Target Stores. 4. Smaller Stores. Ex: Express Edit Stores. 5. Specialized Spin-Offs. Ex: Dollar General’s PopShelf Format. CB Insights digs into the ways retailers are changing how consumers shop […]

Weekly Roundup

Spotlight Story The 3 Best Commercials From Super Bowl LVII 1. Google Pixel – loved their demo of how to edit out photo-bombers! 2. Squarespace – loved watching the cloning of Adam Driver as he kept repeating, “a website that makes websites.” 3. And finally, there was Workday. How to make a SaaS HR company exciting? Have cameos […]

Portfolio Weekly Roundup

Spotlight Story Retail’s chatbots are evolving, and bringing new challenges Remember the first iteration of QR codes? Their adoption was slow and painful. You had to download a QR code reader. Then you pointed your camera at the QR code and it usually took you to a website formatted for desktop, so you couldn’t make […]

Portfolio Spotlight: Female Founders

In honor of Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of our tenacious Female Founders & CEO’s, who represent 1/3 of our active portfolio and lead some of our top performing companies. 1. Michelle Bacharach, Founder & CEO, Find Mine 2. Rachel Bentley & Carly Kouba Nance, Co-Founders, The Citizenry 3. Sierra Pena, Co-Founder & CEO, Shelfleet 4. Samantha Lewis, Executive Chariman, Topl […]

Revetech Recap

As we wrap up the first quarter, we wanted to provide an update on what we’re seeing in our portfolio and in the marketplace. There’s been a dramatic shift over the past 18 months as we’ve moved from a great exit climate to now a great entrance climate. And thankfully at RevTech Ventures, our investment opportunity has never looked better […]

Revetech May Recap

We’re back again to share the latest highlights we’re seeing in venture, in retail tech, and in our portfolio.. There are lots of storm clouds overhead for small business these days. In challenging economies, large companies can weather the storm easier than small companies. Investors and consumers have the urge to move toward what seems more safe and secure. So, […]

Revetech Retail Roundup

We’re back again to share the latest highlights we’re seeing in venture, in retail tech, and in our portfolio.. This month’s top theme: retail theft. Dive into the fascinating developments shaping the retail landscape, from David’s insightful discussion with Deborah Weinswig on emerging retail trends to the brazen tactics of professional shoplifters. One other thing about Deborah…She has a new book out, […]

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