Check out the latest announcements from VentureSpur portfolio company, idefi Music:

Online Service Launching to Defy Traditional Record Labels

Web-based, all access outlet gives artists of all genres freedom and control over their music. November 1 launch brings 37 new tools and features.

idefi represents a significant leap forward for the music industry, challenging the rules and resetting the landscape in which artists engage fans and do business.

Expectations are running high as executives of idefi Group LLC prepare for the Nov. 1 launch of its online service, which will move out of beta phase and officially open to the public with 37 new tools and features. Serving a growing market of artists who want to avoid the expense of traditional record labels, idefi is already being used by Pillar front man Rob Beckley and other popular artists.

“This is an exciting day for musicians who deserve a shot at success while avoiding debt or financial risk,” said idefi CEO and Tulsa entrepreneur Brady Deaton. “idefi allows artists to make small steps toward success and not risk any upfront expenses. With idefi, artists earn their way using a reward system rather than hope and pray that someone discovers them.”

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